> January 2013 Photos

Rich Piper
Toni Walker, Joni Olson, Sue McDowell
Club Members Celebrate in a Restaurant Near DC Before Inauguration
Alicia Keys
Meri Forte-Namuj, Jessie Forcan, Rich Piper
Meri Forte-Namuj, Rich Piper, Jessie Forcan
Joe Barkley, "Barack Obama" & Mary Lou Ambrose
Mark Hanisee & Club Members at Pinellas County Democrats' Inaugural Ball
Janet Long Being Interviewed
Barack and Michelle Obama
The Obamas (left) Dance While Jennifer Hudson (rt.) Sings
Deacon Cobb (3rd from left) & Club Clothing Drive Volunteers
Rich Piper Delivers Club Donations to Food Pantry
Sue McDowell, Toni Walker, Joni Olson & Raemona Mae Clark
Toni and Bill Walker
Ruth Mathews, Rich Piper, Jessie Forcan
Belleair Bluffs Commissioner Jack Nazario
Club Member Raemona Mae Clark
Campaign Manager Mary Lou Ambrose & Commissioner Jack Nazario